you are safe here with me.


4:49pm 05-14-2023
mimi (awhe)
such a cute website! just looking through your pages is calming <3
12:35pm 05-03-2023
absolutely adorable website <3
5:45pm 04-23-2023
this is such a cute website!!!
1:29pm 04-11-2023
emi !
hihihi ! i jus wnted to say tht i absolutely adore ur site ! ♡ it's jus lovely
9:20pm 03-14-2023
ur stinky <3
9:31am 01-30-2023
hiii! ur website is super cute >_< love ur page ♡
4:59am 01-02-2023
hello kayla! i really enjoyed looking through your website ૮( >ᗜ< )ა
i really love your resources page, it's given me inspiration to make my own (eventually)

i've added your website to my links page! have a happy & silly day ₊‧⁺˖
8:49am 12-29-2022
i was going through sm sites and i am so glad i found urs,, it is the cutest ♡ i have linked u on my website..♡
10:13pm 11-22-2022
such a pretty website!
2:48pm 10-16-2022
; _ ; your site is so cutesy and sweet, like candy!! i love it! <3
9:43pm 10-12-2022
your website is so pretty!! <3
2:08am 10-12-2022
hi kayla!!! i meant to leave this comment earlier but was on my phone and it was abysmal to type on it, so im on my pc now! youre so fucking cool, and one of the sweetest people i know. your site is so cute and its so awesome that you made it! i want to get to know u better so hopefully we can play some overwatch or dbd soon <3 the truth is i know youre killer at games so ive always been really shy to play with you cuz im not too great! but i hope ur having a great day and i hope we can hang out sometime! <3
8:26pm 10-10-2022
your site is absolutely adorable !! the fonts, deco, everything. the cutest webpage ^^
11:08pm 10-09-2022
hello Kayla!! You are very cool and I love you very much. You’re a good friend and I appreciate oh my god wait the buttons actually work that’s really cool you very much! I hope you’re doing well, now and anytime you read this message. You’re a good person who deserves so much. You deserve happiness. You deserve to be surrounded by people who are kind. Thank you for being a part of my life <3